Why is cheating a thing like I honestly don’t understand it. Literally why, if you’re not happy with a person then leave. Leaving is easier, leaving is nicer, leaving is better for the other person. But cheating it fucking destroys the person. Like I don’t understand. If you’re not happy leave. Why is cheating a fucking thing god damn it

Someone who cheats might not necessarily be unhappy being with their partner. They may be unhappy with themselves. I read a thread on Reddit where people were answering how it felt after they cheated. The top post was a guy who said he knew it was shitty but when he cheated it was a huge confidence boost that two people wanted him and it made his self esteem increase greatly. He said it actually improved how he was with his partner that he loved to bits. He was in a slump and another girl being interested made him feel amazing.

It’s shitty but don’t just assume everyone who cheats is unhappy being with their partner.

I’m not excusing cheating on a partner, I’m merely offering a different point of view.

Life isn’t black and white, Tumblr.

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