The customer is always right?

Guy comes in with broken phone that’s 4 months old, expects us to either fix it or give him a new one.

Lauren explains we can’t as it’s beyond 28 days. He says we have to because it’s law.

I come in and tell the guy his warranty is a manufacturer warranty which is -obviously- with the manufacturer of the phone, not the store he bought it from.

I explain that if he wants it fixed he will have to send the phone to our repair centre as we only sell phones in the Phoneshop. It being a shop afterall.

He exclaims that this is not good enough and it is the law that we deal with his problem.

Little did he know that we don’t even have to talk to him, let alone deal with his problem. I once again explained that it is not law and every company has different policies and that ours is clearly stated when you purchase the phone, both by the salesperson and on the contract/receipt.

The customer is hardly ever right.

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